The Théâtre Aphasique team has introduced its proposals during symposiums and conferences. Here are just a few examples.

October 2016 – International symposium: Théâtre et éducation : pluralité des trajectoires, UQÀM, Montreal

May 2015 – Aphasia conference in Rocamdour, France

December 2013 – Introducing the organization and its proposal at the Rendez-vous du loisir culturel, Montreal

June 2013 – Presentation at the York-Durham Aphasia Centre in Stouffville, Ontario

November 2011 – Colloque Handicap au féminin : 25 ans d’actions!

September 2008 – ICVRAT and ArtAbilitation conferences, Porto, Portugal: “Aphasic Theatre or Theatre Boosting Self-Esteem”

September 2008 – Dramatic art workshops at the 2nd Art, Brain and Language Conference, Porto, Portugal

August 2008 – 21st Rehabilitation International (RI) conference in Quebec City: “Théâtre et réadaptation : un partenariat gagnant”

November 2007 – Facilitating workshops at the 1st Art, Brain and Language Conference, Nova University, Lisbon, Portugal

September 2003 – Presentation at the Congrès annuel des neurologues libéraux de langue française, Dijon, France

August 2001 – Presentation at the 25th World Congress of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics, Montreal


Publication of a scientific article in an international periodical

  • Côté, I., Getty, L. & Gaulin, R. (2011). Aphasic Theatre or Theatre Boosting Self-Esteem. Special Issue on Disability, Virtual Reality, ArtAbilitation and Music Editors: Anthony L. Brooks, Paul Sharkey and Joav Merrick. International Journal on Disability and Human Development, 10(1), pp. 11-15
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